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I’ve curated great active outdoor toys for kids (and lots for adults too) all right here. Exercise – fun – skill – these cool toys keep kids busy for hours – but they are not for the faint of heart. See the Videos page (in the menu bar near the top of this page) to check out lots of these toys in action. Find something you or your kid can’t live without? Click the See it at Amazon Button to get more info, see user star ratings, and read reviews. Through this site you can buy directly from Amazon at their discounted prices. It’s fast and easy for you to buy great extreme toys for Christmas, Birthdays, Holidays, etc. from a source you trust. I’m an Amazon affiliate. It doesn’t increase your cost one penny. They win – I win – You win. Thanks for using my CooL – eXtreme Outdoor Kids Toys & Adults – Active Gifts site.